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Feb 6, 2019

Season 1 Episode 4

Sarah Sample is a folk wunderkind with a saccharine style purpose-built to elicit tears from even the most hardened coal miner or cowboy. Her music is two measures poignant lyrical acrobatics and three parts the life observed - she writes about life and love and travel and heartbreak, and she does it with a quiet wonder and an easy, carefree grace that belies a smoldering inner fire. Sarah is one of Sheridan Travel & Tourism's Women of Sheridan, Wyo. for 2019.


WYLD WEST: The Podcast about the Icons and Outlaws of Sheridan, Wyo.

WYLD WEST is a bi-weekly podcast about the icons and outlaws of Sheridan, Wyo. Hosts Shawn Parker and Justin Stroup bring to life the hidden history, tentpole events, charming characters and tall tales of the legendary mountain town steeped in a century of frontier history. Relying on absolutely zero experience as podcasters or radio personalities, Shawn and Justin bring a raw, upbeat, positive vibe to all things WYLD WEST.